LA Events and Stereotypes

For all that don’t know, we moved to LA as a band earlier this year! On this pod, we discuss our experience moving in together, bring the truth to some common LA stereotypes, and explain some of the notable differences coast to coast. Also, we speak about the new music we have on the way and how our songwriting process has changed since moving in. Enjoy!

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Sit-down Interview with Mahopac News

We sat down with Bob Dumas at Mahopac News on our recent northeast tour for a Q+A with our hometown newspaper. Bob is an interview veteran and offered several parallels with what he has witnessed within the music industry over his own career. We talk about how we define ourselves musically, along with individual personal influences, growing in the present-day music industry, touring, and an update on what we’ve been up to. Enjoy!

*First couple of minutes is our classic band origin story, if you’ve heard it all before feel free to skip to about 10 minutes in.

PS: We were all a bit jet lagged for this one. Don actually overslept so we were only 4/5 strong.

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Discussion with Documentarian and Good Friend - Sophie Vasquez

We sat down with photographer, documentarian, journalist, and dear friend Sophie Vasquez in December for an ongoing project of hers. We talk about the moment we became musicians, the prelude to FATF, our move out west, and hints at what’s to come. Soph was our very first fan and has been with us for the full ride which allowed us to go even more in depth than usual.

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Interviews with Alternative Indien: Friends At The Falls

We were honored to have sat down with Alternative Indien to answer some questions around the release of Stay All Night. Alternative Indien is an alternative/indie music site founded by Dylan Sheridan including interviews, photos, concert videos, and playlists. Dylan has interviewed artists such as AJR, Jukebox the Ghost, A R I Z O N A, Hippo Campus, Vinyl Theatre, The Mowgili’s, The Wrecks, and many more. This interview was a lot of fun and super informative. Dylan provides great insight into the alternative/indie music genre. Hope you enjoy!

You can check out the full video interview here, along with any of the other interviews and work Dylan has done! Also, be sure to check out the Alternative Indien website and listen to Stay All Night!

Stay All Night Official Music Video

Episode 10: Filming Official Music Videos with Director Alex Refaeian

We sat down with our good friend and music video director, Alex Refaeian, to discuss the filming of the Streetlight Kids and Wild In Our Ways music videos. We go through each day of our grueling film schedule and look back on the good and slightly more stressful times of the week. A lot of fun behind-the-scenes discussion and many memorable stories shared from the whole experience. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 9: Acoustic Video Stories

We recently released the first video of our stripped-down acoustic series for the songs of Wild In Our Ways EP and wanted give some more background on the filming locations and the good times we had shooting them. We go through each of the songs/videos chronologically and discuss the meaning behind each location. Hope you enjoy :)

Episode 8: Instagram Live Q&A

We recently hopped on Instagram Live for the first time to answer a couple of questions submitted leading up to the release of Wild In Our Ways EP. Topics include: album influences, our writing process, and current favorite songs, among others. We had a lotta fun with the whole experience- definitely watch out for more in the future!